Tomorrow, tomorrow

Freaking out a little tonight. Tomorrow is back to work. I only had to look at my diary and I feel pressure. Timetables are sort of done, I still have work to do. This will definately be my next challenge. Handling my mental and emotional load on top of my work. Sometimes I feel so heavy mentally and emotionally. I’m trying really hard to drink alot more water, headaches have been full on this last week. So much so that I can feel the tightness and tension in the muscles of my forehead, eyes, cheekbones and neck. It’s kinda weird cos I feel like at the moment I’m really atuned to my own body. If I’ve had headaches before like this then I’ve never noticed the strain and pressure that I feel now. 6 nurofen doesn’t put a dent in them. Hopefully if I can work through these issues the headaches will go away. Issues are headaches!! Tomorrow everyone will ask how was your holiday? What do I say? My holiday was stressful, emotional and tiring. I worried about this. I guess I could probably say anything – they wouldn’t have a clue anyway. Tomorrow I will hide…no tomorrow I will not hide. Gah, tomorrow I will just take it step by step and see what happens.

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