Today is another stressful day. When I get to leave our 2nd place once again. For this year we left our old house where I left my dog cooper’s grave , and here now my mom came out of the blue telling me that we are going to leave this month asap. Because I know everybody has problems and one of it is paying bills on time and tuition. This year is a very bad luck year to me where I don’t know bullshits coming, but also one angel who came and always there for me (my girlfriend), she will be upset knowing this, but I will tell her probably tomorrow when I get to see her cause she slept early and it is much better to tell her and let her know in person because she has the right to know because we are one. So sooner now maybe next month I will be renting a small room, or a boarding house where i get to share a room with a couple of students, because the rent is not that expensive and just found out my mom is paying the house rent too. I thought we only pay for bills though because we are staying in our relatives. How dumb am I for not knowing. So my mom said in order to help me with this She will go back to her hometown and would be better because there’s no problem there, the financial flow is good, unlike here where we do not have a house. So This will be the very first time to be away from my mom and stand on my own. I can do this in order for me to finish. The money that supposed to go to the rent will be into my tuition fee instead and allowance it be a bit help to, with little extras I can help my  girlfriend , whenever we need extra funds for emergency. I’m really ashamed of my self I should be the one helping my GF. Yet I am so dependent 🙁 So till here.

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