1 from the vaults 12th november 2007 4:02 pm monday

(sigh) just got an email from Dave Doyle (thanks babe) in response to my own of earlier today (this morning) wondering whether or not to keep pestering the pain specialist about getting an appointment. he agreed that i should and said that if they give me any trouble over it i should tell him and he’ll make a few hone calls to expidite the process. i’ll call here in a few minutes. i’m resting from sweeping off the balcony.

i finally gave all the plants indoor homes that will hopefully be alright. i’m most worried about that little jewel plant on top of the bookcase by the ‘hall’ (note- hall. that’s a joke. it’s a 4′ square spot between rooms LOL)  but it seems to be okay.

these norco-tabs aren’t really helping any. i’m up to 4 sometimes a day and my legs and back are still horrid.


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