I’m laying in bed feeding Roger – its a pjs day for the kids and I! We all feel like crap being sick and to bad we cant just have a nurse, chef, and maid come in to take care of all of us lol that’s to much to ask, ain’t it? Maybe seeing as everyone is sleeping ill lay down and sleep too! Dream about the things I want in life and dream how things used to be – why the hell cant I ve happy!!??! So much to ask for? Ugh
I wonder if he thinks about the kids… If he even thinks about me? Maybe hes just trying to forget we even exist?! I dnt know 😞 I hate that I miss him… I miss my man – but I could never admit that to anyone.. I would be nuts! But idk – I just hope to god hes doing okay! I could never wish him any wrong, he deserves to be happy as well!

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