Today was just a good day. I had a day that was full of surprises and planning for my future. This morning I received a call from the ex and usually at the end of our conversation my heart would ache. Today was different, today I allowed myself to accept the situation for what it is. This journey is allowing me to really look into my feelings and recognize that my path is different than his. The path I’m on is to self discovery, accepting God into my life and creating financial security. To say the least I’m excited about things right now. It’s like I’m standing on the edge of something huge and it’s about to get awesome. Don’t get me wrong I know there will still be days filled with ups and downs. I also know that my journey has just begun and there will be so much more to learn in this year. Maybe that’s why I’m excited. For tonight I’m going to lay my head on the pillow and enjoy this feeling of excitement.

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