Mornings Suck!

Emilia is such a nut! ?? she keeps telling me oh my god for everything haha wonder where she got that from.. While Roger is being such a mommy little man – I love them so damn much I cant even take it… Roger now calls me mama mama I just wish certain people didn’t have to miss out on these type of moments! On another note – I talked to Fisher again, hears to hoping to being a teacher! …but I keep thinking how I hope I don’t fail, so much that I do never works out for me (my relationship, my car, my home, my life, basically everything) ugh try and stay positive but its hard when so much negativity and heartbreaking things are surrounding me… Plus I wont say anything but I dreamnt of Tia Yola dying again… Idk I’m certain she’s going to pass soon ?? But its okay! I believe that everyone gets sent out to a magical place after death! Sounds corny but other than our loved ones always watching over us, I believe that they r in the coolest and most gorgeous place anyone can be!! Heaven ?? W enough of the sappy stuff – Emilia just woke her brother up FML – have I said how I hate being the only parent! How much I hate doing this alone! I pray for Ryan again! Really hoping hes ok…!!! xOxO.

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