My diary for Monday Oct/05/2015

Can’t believe it’s October already. Time really flies. It also means my work visa will be expired in an year too and I’m still not sure what I want to do. Well it’s more likely I haven’t got things I have been wanting to have. Maybe I’m not good enough or I just have really really bad luck. Well, I will keep try regardless of result and I won’t regret even if I ended up not getting it cause I tried as hard as I could. Anyways, enough about my goals in my life.

I had a very typical Monday. Work and swimming on lunch break. My back pain is still bothering me little. I didn’t want to take a risk by getting back to regular work out routine. It was a very gloomy day. It feels like definitely entrance of the winter. Decided to go out skating when I got home and I’m so glad I did it. Skated 16.65 miles on lake trail and now I feel better than ever for past couple weeks. Just got out of the shower and trying to start second part of my free time with a can of beer 🙂

Now, I manage 2 websites. and Lots of lots of things to do. Tons of improvement to make. Well, this got me thinking that why am I spending all my free time that does not make me any profit at all. Thought about this many times and ended up just keep doing it. I just like to doing it and feel kind of good to offer something for free that people can find it useful in their life. Hope this makes others happy and that will make me happy 🙂

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