What the absolute fuck!

oso I have the chvice to email Ryan but I wont! So I’m going to vent here..

what the absolute fuck! I’m talking to what I think is a nice guy but suddenly he asks for my number, a little soon for my liking but I give in an give a text now number (just to save my ass) and this guy suddenly says he loves me wants to be happy with me and suddenly and desperate needs to see me like HE MUST SEE ME 😱 um why?! And then when I ask him where hes from he says Somerset 😲 wtf!?! So then I decide to snoop his profile (no connections its just me he’s connected with) and all his pictures (as handsome as they r) are like catfished pictures!! So the only people I know from Somerset are people I dnt really like! So either my ex is fucking around with me or these bitches are pulling shit with me.. I dnt play this game! I saw my stalker already once before and honestly I flipped her off and walked away I dnt want to deal with it! Why do people feel the need to play with emotions like that! If ur real and want to know me be truthful and honest ill do the same! Like my exbf (Ryan) severely hurt me emotional and mentally and honestly I dnt think ill really fully get over him 😞☹ but I got to try to move on even though I dnt wanna.. So either way I dnt like these mind games, I deserve more respect than that seeing as I’ve done nothing to u! The bitch is just probably trying to weasel her way in ryans life anyways.. But fuck her.. She’s a pathological liar! She’s the one who told me she didn’t want him, didn’t want that relationship, she dis everything to get him to go back his family, blah blah so much unnecessary drama.. Bitch better not be screwing with me.. I’m blocking “him” now ugh!! Then again.. What’s the point anymore.. But.. I dnt want to be okayed and toyed with anymore!!!

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