Breakup part 2

Well last night I messaged her asking her if she had gotten to school okay since it was storming out.  I had brought her a bunch of things such as her favorite Starbucks and some food, plus a couple of other things she had expressed interested in before we broke up.  I told her I’d forgotten to give her the money I owed her.  She told me don’t worry about it and didn’t reply to anything else afterwards.

I explained that I owed her the money and that I wanted her to have it.  I told her how nice it was to see her after the breakup and that after our emotions settle, I hoped she could be in my life again.  She didn’t reply.  Later on I texted her asking how school was going.  Then again at the end of the night telling her sweet dreams.  She never replied to either.

I don’t know what to do.  I want to pretend that there’s nothing wrong, and send her nonchalant texts throughout the week, whether or not she messages me back just to show that I’m okay.  I also want to not message her at all, hoping she’ll wonder about me and message me back instead.  I wish none of this had ever happened.  I wish we were still together, had a good weekend together, had plans for the next.  The greatest love of my life will not return my messages.  It is devastating.

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