I am hired (2jobs)

Hi guys, so if  you read my previous post, I mentioned there that today I’m going to take for an entrance exam (one of the BPO in my place), I actually passed the Entrance exam and had my interviewed. And so by the end of the month, they are going to contact me for the contract signing hopefully. So here it is the thing is I got hired for this 2 jobs. 1 is homebased and it’ll be daytime job, from 8am-5pm and the second job isn’t home base at all so it’ll be around 8pm – 4am, so here’s the thing since I badly need money for myself and for my tuition fees and rent , I asked someone I knew a family (cousin) to work for me on the homebased job which is non voice by the afternoon. So when I arrive home I can work by 8-12nn then by 1-5pm my cousin will work on that time while I’m asleep  preparing my body by 8pm to work for my second job. I can handle this 🙂

Let’s see how it goes. I already submitted my information to my first employer and I can start tomorrow asap 🙂 Wish me luck guys.  Thank you Lord.

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