Just about the end of my day..

MUNCHKINS Finally! I was able to add a picture!! Seriously I even emailed this website to complain – pretty sure my phone is what was screwing up the whole thing!! Anyways.. I kinda forced this picture on them haha its a moms life when you see the opportunity to bug them and take a shot, you do it! I feel better than before! Thank God! And thank you to the people who commented – kind words always help lift my spirits! It is hard to be mom especially to threw munchkins! But they make my works, honestly! While driving me super insane!! Maybe my next post will explain outright the relationship and what exactly makes my life so chaotic! But for now, I got to keep my little nutty middle child Emilia from dumping the box of toys and saying uh oh (like it was an accident, mhmm)We all know Emilia it was boo accident hahaha always on my toes thats for sure!

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