Terry’s health updates 10/6

Terry goes for an echocardiogram on 10/27. They will be checking his EF(ejection fra ction-how well his heart pumps) rating which was 35-40% in April(it was 45% in December of last year). They are hoping to see it back up to 45% but will be happy if it is the same. That would confirm what they believe and that is that his heart is stablelizing. The hope is that if Terry continues to do ehat he is doing his EF rating will remain stable and possibly improve some. We are trying hard not to let excitment cloud our judgement by believing he will get better until we have the results of the echocardiogram but it does feel good to have some hope. Now for the rest. Terry hasto continue to take it easy, rest during the day and avoid stress. They think he may be suffering from trama induced agoraphobia(may not be spelled right) because he now gets very anxious in criwds which raises his blood pressure(from the stress). One of the worst parts is that due to alot of the medication he takes his imune system is weak and he is more suseptable to illnesses that his body may or may not be able to fight off(yep just call me the masked lysol lady). 

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