Wednesday night low

Concentration is at an all time low tonight. Overwhelmed with all the things I need to do and get done already. I’ve tried prioritising them, I hate it when it feels like they all need to be done and are as important as each other. I’m writing a presentation for work, feels like it’s taking forever. We are being filmed tomorrow..Ew! I’m not organised for tomorrow’s morning session either! Am I really able to handle this or am I kidding myself and delaying the inevitable? I hate the sinking feeling of feeling like you are not on top of things. I know one could say well stop spending time journalling but I think I’m better off writing it down here then staring into space and thinking of it and accompanying images and scenes. I’m trying hard to shut of the scenes of #LoveMe Challenge Day Eight….they are rolling through my mind like the previews at the cinema, over and over. I can see it all. I can see myself go into panic and can’t breathe. I wish my mind had a delete button. I want a delete button!!

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