1 from the vaults 13th nvember 2007 354pm tuesday


good news finally (Note- only it really wasn’t as you’ll find out later) after all that waiting (about 1 1/2 months (note-pfft! that’s NOTHING! i’m at 3 months and waiting now!!) ) i got through to the receptionist at the pain specialist that takes care of new patients appointments. dec. 26th. 130pm.

of course mom immediately tried to queer it by saying she’s going out of town aafter christmas. well, it’s going to have to wait till the 27th, isn’t it?

i’ve also managed to say i cannot go to thanksgiving nonsense with my so called family. it says that stress makes RSD worse so the very last thing i want to do is spend the whole day with a bunch of people who hate me and i have no particular fondness for either.

i’m still waiting to hear back from the RSDSA about my membership and such, but the electric company acknowledged my payment so that cannot be far behind now can it?

so now, i hurt (l 6.7 r 7.2) and i wait.


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