Getting a cold?

Got this runny nose from two days ago and it does not seem to be getting better. I even skipped the gym today on my lunch break to make sure swimming does not make this worst. Didn’t really do anything but eating and working at my computer. Now my nose got clocked and I can breath through it. My troat will by dry up in an hour and I hate that feeling 🙁

Today, my WP theme simtiful finally went live! Glad it’s finally available for everyone and hoping this will help lots of people to make their own blog. J cooked dinner tonight and also taught me how to use github from terminal. It’s so cool that I finally got how to use terminal for github. Just took a half hour for the thing that I have been trying to learn for months. 11:12 pm on my bed and ready to go to sleep. Hope I get better tmw! Goodnight!

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