Home Wreckers

Worst long weekend of my life! I get home on the Saturday from being away from being away for two days with our daughter and am looking forward to see my boyfriend, even tho I messaged him the night before and heard nothing and saw some god awful photos of him on facebook at his mates house (keeping in mind I hate when he goes there). So on the way home I get a facebook message letting me know he lost his phone…again. So that just started everything off. Everything just came crumbling down one big chunk after another… I get home and he is at the pub so we go down and have lunch with him and leave without him, he says he wont be out late and will be home soon… Again that doesn’t happen and he wonders why I don’t believe him when he says things. He rang later that night asking for money telling me he lost his phone and wallet and expected me to transfer him money and not to be angry. After hanging up on him about 3 times that was all I heard. He didn’t get home until 4:30am the next morning… I wasn’t impressed. He had bought my birthday present on the Thursday and it was still sitting on the lounge with the card not even written on.. He couldn’t even be bothered to do that. 🙁 So I feel like shit. Doesn’t care that we are home, doesn’t ask how it was, doesn’t tell us he missed us, doesn’t even come home at a reasonable time to spend time with us. Nothing, nothing at all and I’m a bitch for saying something.. WTF..

But that is nothing compared to what happened Sunday night. I went to a friends house with Emily to watch the footy grand final and he went to his mates house again. I told him I would ring him after the game to pick him up to come home and if I couldn’t get a hold of him he could get his own way home and if he didn’t come home to watch out! Well after I had rang 5 times some girl answered his! And she just kept saying “hello hello hello’ then Mitch was put on and I was furious I was like “who the fuck answered your phone?” And I knew it was that home wrecking slut because he didn’t say a name he just said someone. So then he didn’t come home, wouldn’t answer his phone or messages … nothing. Comes home the next day at 11am to tell me that the stupid slut tried to get his dick out in front of everyone was trying to sit on him, was trying to get him to go home with her and constantly touching him. She also told him she wants him to leave me for her and can’t wait for them to have a spa together at mine and his new house. Like Fuck that’s going to happen. By this time I was balling my eyes out and I had no comfort from him what so ever. I couldn’t believe he just let me sit there while he scrolled through facebook on his phone. What did I do to deserve to be treated like this. Then I was informed that he slept next to some other chick, but nothing happened even though she tried to feel him up the next morning, like come on do these people have any morals, why do they think its ok to ruin someone’s family!? There is so much more to write I just hate thinking about. But that’s all I ever think about now. Is he talking to her?, if he goes to his mates house is she going to be there and then what is he going to do?

I did tell him this though if something does happen I will leave him and there is nothing he can do to get me back, that will be the end of us!

I know that it may seem harsh but if he puts himself it that situation where she is there and it happens then he is just as guilty as she is….

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  1. Girl the girls aren’t the only home wreckers in your life. Your major concern is why you degrade yourself enough to stay with and believe the bullshit your home wrecking boyfriend is dishing out! Kick him to the kerb and find someone who treats you way better than that.

  2. I’m going through something like this too, honestly its up to us woman to have to get up and leave – even if it hurts us and the kids! Its a type of emotional abuse, and trust me I’ve done everything to get him to change his ways, u cant change them you either need to leave and forget, or suck it up and stay I’m sorry hun! U need to know your worth, I’ve threaten him with leaving and it was always great then it would be back to bad, then good again then bad – its a vicious abusive cycle! And only person to change that is u!

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