#LoveMe Challenge Day Nine

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Today was a busy day. I didn’t have time to eat, drink or think…which was a kinda nice change on the thinking front. I had to drop tools and take control of a family emergency so I actually had half a day off work. I hadn’t thought about today’s challenge until my friend asked me which day I was up to and I started thinking. Before I had to leave work I had a really nice morning with two special little twin boys who have a mountain of medical issues against them. But they come to my work one morning each week for playgroup. My heart was happy today to see them so excited to be back at playgroup after our holiday break. They have grown so much over the two weeks and one of the boys even took his first step! Yes, 2 years behind milestone age but hey who cares! The fact that they can stand at all is a massive achievement. It was so lovely to spend the morning with them and watch them wrestle with each other, remember actions to the songs that we sing and be excited to try new table activities. It gave me that little slice of happiness – I know I’m making a difference for these little boys and it is beautiful.

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