While driving today I was listening to my favorite podcast Lewis Howes. Lewis was talking about passion and how in order to be successful in every aspect of your life you need to be passionate about it. Sometimes the mundane things in life can get in your way or take a toll on what your really focused on. I think sometimes we all need reminders of what our passion is or find what is. God put each one of us on this earth to be the greatest part of ourselves. He gave us the ability to be passionate about things that sing to our heart.

For myself my passion has always been making people feel beautiful and teaching them to be successful. My cosmetology background has and still does allow me to help people feel great about themselves and my career now allows me to help people be successful. There is nothing better than getting a text from client saying how much they love their hair or an email from a client saying how many coupons came through their door. Every day I wake up hit the ground running because I know my clients success is my success as well. My other passion is helping children and through the Boys & Girls Club I have been lucky enough to explore that passion. The thing is if I wasn’t passionate about these things I would be only giving them half of my self. I never want to skate through life half ass because then what is the point of being alive? Passion ignites a fire within I believe that makes us feel alive. So, if your going to do something and be successful with it do it with passion and heart.

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