sad day..

Working selfieMy kids are with my aunt – I wish they didn’t have to be! I’m sad not doing so well, trying not to cry today! I get up and must move forward! I’m working until 5 today! I love it there, don’t get me wrong, but my mind is a tornado of emotions I can deal 😞 my boss asked me how my hubby is doing – ugh! Inside I’m screaming but I simply answer hes good like nothing ever happened! She says I’m lucky to have such a great supporting loving family.. How do I tell my new boss yeah except my man is gone my family is struggling I’m a mess and just Want to cry..? U don’t! I just smile and try to get over it… I miss him, the kids miss him, and well I’m almost certain he just wants us gone from him life completely 😞 I just want to hear babe one more time and hear im so sorry fml! I guess i better get back to work 😞 I prayed today for myself and others.. Can u pray for me to get through this?!

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