Toxic Friends.

Ever since my relationship ended, I’ve been talking to my friends more, and reconnecting with people. It’s like, my relationship was the focal point in my life and I put all of my friends on the back burner. I even hated them, when *I* was the one that was avoiding *them*. But some of these friends, I really wish were out of my life.

There’s Austin, the pathological liar. I made the mistake of hooking up with him last year, and he’s been a pain in my ass ever since. He lies about EVERYTHING, and when I call him out, he just submits and agrees with me. Grow a pair, dude. Stop inviting me to hang out. Take a hint. We’re not hanging out.

There’s Corey, the emotionally damaged cop. I’ve never met him in person, and somehow, I’m his confidant. He trusts me. He tells me everything about his life. I really don’t care. That sounds bad, but I don’t. I wish that he would stop calling me and venting about police stuff. Sure, I myself need someone to confide in and get things off of my chest, but he’s just depressing and boring and it bums me out.

Then there’s Becca. She’s one of my best friends, but I’m afraid she’s just going to pull me down. She moved to California and has had a rough time of it all. At first I was stoked that she was calling me all the time, but the way she acts and talks and is all over the place leads me to believe that she’s on drugs again. And…I feel like a horrible person and a hypocrite, and I haven’t told another living soul this…but she claims she was raped. As her best friend, I feel like I should be on her side. But the honest truth is that I just don’t believe her. Sure, I wasn’t there. Sure, I don’t know all of the circumstances, but she was telling me all about her amazing weekend, and posting all over Facebook about how great of a time she had. I didn’t really say anything to her for a day because I was really busy, and out of nowhere, she texts me and says she was raped over the weekend. But the thing that leads me not to believe her is the fact that she’s advertising it all over facebook. Again, I feel very bad for admitting it, but I just don’t believe her. Especially since the day after all of this started, she tells me that she’s in love with somebody she literally met days ago, and now they’re dating. I know that people handle things different, but she doesn’t seem the least bit phased about her alleged rape. I want to be supportive. I tell her that I have her back. But it’s just exhausting.

I really need to cut the cord with these people. I’m actually in a really good place right now, emotionally and mentally. And I don’t need people bringing me down right now.


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