1 from the vaults 14th november 2007 611pm wednesday

(Note- that photo is the new pumpkin i bought last night. which i could get a better 1 that shows jut how massive it is. i can barely get my arms around it. not bad for 5 bucks, huh?)


i had to get the garbage out today by myself. i did not carry it down 3 flights of stais though. i chucked it off the balcony, the went down and dragged it the last 15 feet or so to the curb.

of course now my legs are mad at me. cramps in my calves, knees on fire, muscle spasms, the works. i REALLY hate this.

i even had a nice long soak in the tub. didn’t help. when i had to stand to rinse the conditioner from my hair, i had to grab the curtain rod because my knees had other plans. ‘what? hold you upright? fuck that!’ really tedious. i suppose i should be used to it by now.

karen is still wiggling out of appointments. if she fucks up the 26th of dec, i swear, i’ll hurt her.


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