…First Entry..

So I sit here and wonder, I don’t know why I created a journal. But I have had one before, usually draw while I write. But I sit here alone at the office, and wondered why not. So this is me. I’m 28. No kids. Small community. But content. I have a boyfriend? Its a complicated situation, he makes it complicated for himself I would think. Either way, whatever he wants will be fine with me. Guarding my heart, and trying to fall for him is probably one of the hardest things, because I catch myself thinking about him, his laugh, his smile, even while I’m at church. He says doesn’t go to church, but he’s been in church for 7 years, knows the word. Thing is he doesn’t have prayer life, and thinks grace is too soft. I’m all about grace, saved by grace I am. I have a prayer life, so I know what he’s missing. I’m praying for him, but having to not fall in love with this man, is harder than I thought. Maybe this is not the guy for me, been seeking God to tell me, but at the same time I am seeking Him also. Because He is first in my life, and no other, not even this guy. That is why I am guarding my heart. Not all things are good for you just because they look good. I have been going to church for 10 months now, and I thank God. He restored me, and I have grown so much, I couldn’t have done it without Him. My family is back in church, because we all backslid one by one. First one to fall was me, and the domino effect took place, funny thing is, I got saved first again, and again, one by one they got saved, I’m amazed at what God is doing. Its exciting this walk. Its what makes life so exciting, cause you never know what God is doing behind the scenes. But right now, I’m enjoying life. My family dinner is tomorrow, so I’m excited to see everyone there :). Well work is almost done, guess I shall get ready to go home. Going to be hanging out with they guys and girls, play and sing some songs for the Lord. So it shall be great. So God bless each and every one of you. God is good. Oh and welcome to my journal. Everything will be public. So have a great day, and I will try and write everyday :).

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