First love? Far from it.

Have you ever sat down and thought about what your perfect significant other would be like? And then have you ever met your significant other only to realize that they’re nothing like what you pictured? And then… what if that person happens to live 542 miles away?

This is my story on how I met the love of my life and then lost him because my love just wasn’t enough.

I met “Logan Rene” in March of 2014. How? Through social media… Instagram to be more specific. He followed me and one of the first things he did was spam me and comment one of the cutest things ever. He said, “You’re beautiful <3, just has to let you know.” At this point, I didn’t really reply I was just kind of like thanks but whatever. About a week later I decided to follow  him back and send him a DM (direct message) thanking him. It was a picture of some pink flowers, which now that I think about it… LOL! Anyway, we started talking on there for a couple hours and then we exchanged kik’s. I figured, cool I can gain a friend from this. However, his constant compliments made me uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to getting them… they were foreign to me. I’m not a butthurt-stuck-up that can’t take a compliment because I still say thank you and everything, I just find them hard to believe. Anyway, that night there was something different about him. I had known this guy for a total of like 6 hours and yet I wanted to tell him everything about me. And so I did. I told him what had happened to me, from the bullying to my self-harm and every little fucked up thing and heartbreak in between.

And remember this, the worse thing you can do to someone is listen to everything they’ve been through and put them through it again.

So this is how my story begins.


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