Good Day – Good Life!

SelfieSo I started strong today.. Woke up late with the kids (dreamnt of Ryan, the torture of missing him!), got ready for work, fed then, actually had a coffee (unlike yesterdays horrible nightmare of no food or coffee/drinks), and driving to work I said a prayer (a prayer for strength to move forward and to be happy and not sad anymore – to help Ryan in all his needs and to watch our family because of the problems we have at the moment) I met a new coworker whom I’ve never worked with (Lexi – she is super nice!) she put up with alot of my newbie stuff lol later on I met her boyfriend name Malik (pronounced mah-leak) be was super nice too!! Plus I freaking love that name – so unique 😊 then I met the other key holder named Taylor for the shift change she was super outgoing too! Lol I really like my coworkers… As I left to go home I finally looked at my phone and amazingly enough I see – 1 email.. From Ryan 😲 I was shocked and like my heart dropped! You know those butterfly feeling in your stomach when you are really nervous about someone, well that’s how I felt.. It didn’t say much (he normally never says much anyways) but I eidg I knew more.. Like what does he plan on doing with his life? Like living, working, and getting help? What does he have to say to me to explain about why he did what he did? What does he want when he says his family – like to be with me or move on? Idk maybe I’m thinking to much but I need to know so I can get on with my life.. Does he even want to know my wishes? Does he hate me, is he mad at me? I just don’t know… Maybe he’ll message me tomorrow or maybe he’ll ignored me forever – I just don’t know, and i get so confused 😞 but regardless of the outcome I wish him the best, and hope he makes good choices, he deserves the best in life as do the kids – so we’ll see what happens 😃 here’s a picture of me set for the day this morning 👌 first time I actually felt pretty 😊😃Work Selfie

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