Every day I watch Binks grow and wonder where all the time is going. He is one brave and strong little boy. If all of you could see how well he has taken the split between his parents you would be in awe. There are days when we talk and he tells me he’s sad because daddy is not around more but then he will also say that we are nicer to each other now. I never felt we argued in front of him but I guess even unsaid words can affect our kids too. Though my journey is finding myself, I still want make it a journey for him as well. Growing up in my household doesn’t harbor the best memories but I still have some I hang on to. One thing I loved as a kid is every Friday night was pizza night. I loved pizza Fridays and looked forward to it. Another memory is spending time with my grandparents during the summer. It’s the littlest things that you remember that warm your heart and take the focus of negative feelings.

Part of this journey I want to create quality time with Binks and memories. Every weekend we are going to do something together and do something new. Whether it be play a new game together, try a new place out to eat, or go on a hike. I just want us to have that quality time experiencing things together. Last weekend we went to a food truck festival, something neither of us have done. We ate some pretty awesome food and tried “Waffle Love” the most awesome dessert style Belgium waffles. Even yesterday he was talking about that. Last night he really wanted ice cream so instead of going to the typical ice cream places I brought him to a place that has thrifty ice cream (my fave ice cream). We each got a waffle cone and sat out on the patio of the place and just shared about our highs and lows of the day. Now I know that’s nothing out of this world but what we did was special for us. One tradition we have together we do every single year since he was two and that is going to the state fair. We look forward to it and get excited when we start to see advertisements for it. He usually lists all of the food he plans to eat and how many rides he’s going to go on. I guess what I’m trying to say is that today is the day our children will remember and doing things to create memories will last a lifetime.

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