The power of not knowing

I have embarked on a journey of giving for the next year. I am both excited and anxiety filled by this. Let’s start with the excitement first. The idea of helping women when it comes to their careers or future plans is thrilling. I find joy in connecting people to things. Always have since I was little. So when I started thinking about how I could truly give back, working directly with women seemed like the best fit.

I’m nervous though. Anytime you try anything new there’s a chance for failure. And doubt sets in; maybe the idea only sounds good in MY head lol. Maybe people won’t take it seriously. Or maybe I won’t really be able to help these women.

It’s slightly embarassing to admit that I have doubt. I think people expect me to have the answers all of the time.

But at the same time, it’s incredibly freeing to share that I too am out here like everyone else trying to make it happen.

No one of us truly knows what the future holds. And I mean no one. Not even Kim Kardashian or Michelle Obama lol.

As much as I am nervous about this journey, I know that if we create and connect from the heart, all things are possible.

I’ve come to discover that my life’s mission is to connect women in some way. So my goals are now building a community of women who care about giving and helping each other out. It starts with just one.

Why is there so much power in not knowing how things will turn out?

Because it requires to rely solely on yourself and your faith to make it happen. When you don’t know, you have to have a belief so strong in something you can’t see just yet that it knocks out all of the anxiety and naysayers.


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