A Silent Night Of Coffee

Tonight from eight to ten was a moment to remember. It was an event that went on regularly at Saturday at Urban City Coffee for people to get together and sign. My ASL 1 teacher suggested it and said he would go -talking that if we went we could get extra points. I didn’t go for the points. I went to learn about the deaf community, the language, and the people. The same reason I started learning ASL (American Sign Language).

I met some new people. I am super exhausted but first want to get things off my chest. Adam, a construction worker was one of the few people I met. I guessed he was deaf and short sighted. There was a girl who nicknamed herself Kiwi. She had a brown fishtail and a green hat. She was born with one ear deaf, one hearing. Over the years the hearing one became hard of hearing. Seiji, a man who looked like his ancestry was in Eurasia, was deaf and very good on facial expressions. There was a funny and happy guy named Billy. He could talk clearly, but could’t hear. He played with Khasiay (my baby sister) and talked to my cousin Alexis, and I.

People were quite fascinated in me. One person told my mother they could tell I was hard of hearing because of how I looked around so much. I was born with hard of hearing in both ears. I have hearing aids that help me hear you. People don’t notice me lisping until my hearing aids are off or I’m tired. I might say “hot dog”, but pronounce “hawk-dog”. I felt like I was understood in that coffee shop. I ordered my favorite Italian Soda flavor -cherry & whip cream. I hope every one else here had a great morning or evening. A couple weeks ago I made a song:

Half the world is falling asleep; half the world is waking up.

The Sun says ‘Goodbye’; the Moon says ‘Hello’.

While we continue living our lives below.



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