The Beginning

One day you are coming home from a trip to the supermarket, so you ride the bus. You place the money inside the bucket and head to the back of the bus. You sit down on one of the purple plush seats to find a lonely book sitting across from you. You have an obsession over books and an illness called curiosity, so you proceed to grab it.

The book is light and feathery; all in good shape. It has a cozy blue cover that reminds you of the ocean, a tropical island, and coconuts. You open the book. Time stops. You are driven into the story of Devanne J. Clark, and are wearing her shoes. You now experience what makes her Devanne. No longer are you at the bus with purple seats, but seeing Devanne’s life on the outside.

You are in the beginning of the book. Soon you’ll know all the secrets and emotions that play roles in her life. The word Prologue stands high above you in bold italic letters. You are in front of a hospital late at night. Walking inside you ask the clerk at the desk what time it is.

“May sixteen, ma’am,” She answered. On the bus it was October tenth. You ask for the year. The clerk looks at you with a questionable face, but says, “2001.” 

This is the beginning of the life of Devanne J. Clark, and this is her story. 

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