1 from the vaults 15th november 518pm thursday


my legs are bad today (laugh) guess we should take that as a given at this point, shouldn’t we? 7.8 left 8.2 right. (sigh) it’s absurd. a disease that it’s main distinguishing characteristic is agonizing pain. how nice<– place sarcasm there.still stressing over karen’s bullshit with wiggling out of appointments. nice <–while you’re placing sarcasm, save some for here as well.

i went to too much trouble for her to screw me out of getting in to see the pain specialist. it’s funny. she was so frantic to get me in to see the dentist. said it was the most important thing. ¬†riiiight with all zero cavities? i really had to get that taken care of first. riiiiight. that gap in my teeth is purely cosmetic and we’re lucky they even agreed to cover it as a result, but she’s so damn caught up with keeping up appearances that this little matter of a disease with no cure that’s all about the agony it brings? Well, it doesn’t affect my appearance- yet at any rate (Note- i’ve started to develop that weird spidery look that the crippled tend to get, muscles melting away) so as far as she thinks it’s below consideration.


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