Entry 2 : A dream that I want to achieve

Every single person in this world has a dream. Even the most genius person has a dream.

I as a normal person also have a dream. I want to be a surgeon. Orthopedics surgeon. That is my dream from kid until now. There are a plenty of reasons that make me love to be a surgeon.

First of all, my parents always want me to be a doctor. From the age of 5 my mother always said to me that i must be a doctor. Now, I want to make it a reality.

The other reason, a surgeon is a job that helps a lot of people. As a muslim, by helping people can help you for afterlife. The good deeds that a surgeon do will bring many benefits to us as muslim.

The most important reason, I love to see the happiness in the patients and their family. As a surgeon, I may save many life that can make other people happy. I know it is hurt to lose someone you love. Thus, I decided to be a surgeon so I can help many people by saving people’s life.


Credit to Gan Xhi Yan and Izzat Syaker


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