Anger, a turn on?

Why do angry men turn me on? Not any angry man, just the ones whom I like and who I think are very easy going. When they get angry or pissed, it just arouses me 😛 Maybe that’s because I have a different perception of them. The transformation from a good guy to a bad guy, that makes me want to have him right then and there :P, a little explicit isn’t it?. Usually girls are attracted to bad guys, It’s genetics. Speaking the truth, us girls like to be treated bad sometimes, because we are bad baaaddd girls ;). Haha that sounded so dirty.

But when it comes to settling down with someone or marrying one, we want a guy who balances both their sides. He should have both good and bad qualities. He should treat us like shit as well as a princess. That’s what we want! 😛 XD

Hilarious isn’t it? But I can definitely confirm that there is a little truth in that. Maybe not all girls are like that, but most of them do want the above things.


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