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“Another One Bites the Dust, Another Bites the Dust, and Another One Bites the Dust.” I couldn’t resist. It’s old news by now but yes, the Trojans won their game Friday night against Alpena. It was Alpena’s Home Coming game. It would appear a few teams wanted to play the Trojans for their Home Coming game. Last week’s game was Petoskey’s Home Coming and now this week too. Hmmmm, wonder why? Me thinks that if they thought it would be a sure win they were wrong! It is probably just coincidence. ):

Alpena is a haul. For those of you non-Michigan folks it is on the other side of the State, and a good 3 hour drive from Granny’s house. Because Rachel and Randy were headed to the UP after the game to attend a wedding on Saturday, it meant Zander came home with me this weekend. That is always a Granny bonus. But as luck would have it, Zander’s Saturday game was in Mancelona which meant we had to leave the house at 8:00 AM Saturday morning after getting home at 12:30 AM from Friday’s game in Alpena. Fortunately, Zander was able to catch some zzzz’s on the way home, and I discovered two things. He snores, although it is a kid snore not the Grandpa shake the house snore, and he talks in his sleep. Couldn’t understand what he was saying but made me chuckle. And an added bonus was the deer stayed in the woods on the drive home. Did not see a single one and that too was most fortunate. With bow season open, I suspect they are a little more cautious.

Jacob’s game on Friday night began as most of the games this season. Alpena was the first to put 7 points on the score board. It’s as if the Trojan players size up the other team to determine their strengths and weaknesses before kicking into gear. The score was 7 to 0 at the end of the first quarter. But shortly into the second quarter the Trojans scored their first touchdown plus the extra point. Alpena’s ball but they could not score and were forced to punt on their fourth down. Trojans ball and they racked up 4 first downs in a row, and eventually scored their second touchdown of the night plus the extra point kick which put 14 on the scoreboard for the Trojans. Alpena remained scoreless in the second quarter, and the score at half time was Trojans 14 to Alpena 7. Half time and Alpena crowned a King and Queen. Third quarter and the Trojans scored their third touchdown of the night. Score is now 21 to 7 in Trojans favor. Also during the third quarter, Jacob again found himself laid out on the ground. Another ankle injury and Mom suspects it is related to him not wearing his shoe lift insert. Jacob, if you are reading this, Granny says to wear your lift!!!!! Granny, parents and your team don’t want you injured and not able to play. As Granny I’m entitled to lecture. P.S. I’m adding this addition because I have since learned someone slammed into Jacob’s hip not ankle. However, my instructions to wear his lift stands!

With a good lead, the Coach played more of his second string players. Near the end of the third quarter, the Trojans moved the ball close enough to the goal line that on their fourth down they attempted a field goal and were successful. Trojan’s score is now 28 to Alpena 7. In the fourth quarter, the Alpena Wildcats were able to make their second touchdown of the night plus the extra kick point putting 14 points on the board. Likewise, the Trojans were able to score another touchdown putting 38 on the board for them with 3 minutes and 44 seconds left in the game. Fans are feeling pretty confident that we have this game won and fortunately, that was true. Trojans won with a final score of 38 to 14.

Highlights of the game included some impressive Trojan touchdowns with great passing and long, long runs. In the third quarter, on a fourth down Alpena punt kick, the ball was caught by Devante Waker, and he ran 78 yards for a touchdown. This was one of two touchdowns for Devante. This young man can hardly be caught once he breaks free from the crowd. His father sat below us in the bleachers, and it is obvious he is one proud daddy. His son is a lot of fun to watch once his feet are in motion. Reagan Cotton ran a 16 yard touchdown, and Owen Porter scored a 26 yard touchdown. Reagan Cotton also had two interceptions. There were some beautiful plays and always exciting when they occur on your team! It was also of note that the refs never missed an opportunity to throw a flag with corresponding penalties against the Trojans. I think Alpena only had one or two flags for the entire night, and the Trojans had flags thrown 3 times in a row during one set. I hate to imply the refs were not impartial but it’s hard to argue with facts. But it didn’t make a difference because the Trojans won! This makes 7 wins in a row for the Trojans, and they are definitely in the playoffs. This has created a slight dilemma for Granny. Our airline tickets are bought for Arizona, and we are scheduled to fly out on October 26th. It will be hard to leave knowing that Jacob and his team will be in the playoffs. I have been wrestling with the decision to push back our departure date, or leave it as is, and if they make it to the last playoff game, fly back. I finally made a decision after talking with Reagan Cotton’s parents. They said no games will be scheduled until after the season ends because for some teams it will come down to their last game before it is known which team will be in the play off. Granny has decided to keep to the original flight and fly back if the Trojans make it to the final play off game. But you can bet Granny will tune in on the Internet to follow the Trojans during playoff games.

After a very short night, Granny and Zander were up and ready for Zander’s game in Mancelona against the Harbor Spring Rams on Saturday. Zander and his team did exceptionally well against the Rams who were definitely bigger and appeared more experienced. They hit some of our players pretty hard, and there were a few injured Packer players as a result. But the Packers held the Rams to 12 points. The Rams did make two touchdowns but were not successful in kicking the extra points. The Packers were close but not successful in scoring a touchdown so the game ended with the Rams winning. Granny learned that the Rams had seventh and eighth grade players on their team which would explain their skill level advantage. Apparently, Harbor Springs is so small that to find enough players they have to include older kids. But somehow this does not feel like a level playing field, especially, when the younger kids get hurt. Fortunately, no one was injured so bad they could not get off the field with help, but it is always disconcerting when someone is hurt. Zander and his team did an impressive performance none the less, and Granny was proud of their effort.

One of the Packer players, Josh, is spending the weekend with Zander. He is a really nice young man and the boys are having great fun. It is always a plus to have a buddy around. Zander is fine just hanging and playing with Granny but try as I may I’m not an 11 year old boy. There is a limit to my abilities! So all is good. Everyone had a chance to catch up on some sleep last night, the boys had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and they are off playing.

Friday’s game is the Trojans Home Coming game against Ogemaw. You may recall that Randy’s brother, Dallas, plays on the Ogemaw team so we will have family rooting for both teams. There will also be a tail gate party before the game so it will be lots of fun. On that note, bragging Granny signing off for now.

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