I wish..

I saw my friends post today about her hubby bringing her flowers, a teddy, and chocolates at her work today because it was her birthday 😢 why the hell cant I have something so simple and meaningful and romantic happen to me like that 😞 there has literally been only one time I’ve ever been so stupidly shocked in my life and it was when Ryan proposes to me while on vacation 😪 but we see how that ended out… Like I get shit on day in and day out and its really not much for someone to appreciate one so much (especially in their birthday) and walk into their work and say happy birthday… The littlest things mean the world to me and it seems like no matter what I say or do ill always be sad and lonely and everyone will still have to complain to me about anything and everything ugh 😢 the only people who always love me are the kids yet sometimes I just want the love of a partner to hold me and just make me feel happy… Will I ever get that happiness? PROBABLY NOT MICHELLE, I’m clearly asking to much!!?

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