Entry 1

My First Impression In KMM


25 May,

The day I went to KMM. It was breath taking as it is my first time stepping onto the grounds of KMM. I was blown away because it was my first time seeing this many people gathering in one place. All of them comming from different states. Even I don’t escape from this fact because I’m also from another state, Perak. It is miles away from here but it doesn’t matter since I will be staying in dorms located inside KMM.

After registration, I had been given a room key and have been assigned to a room in Block C2. Right after that, I went to my block thinking to unpack my luggage in my room but dissapointment striked my mind as the walls of the room and also its condition looks like the prison cells I saw in movies.

Here I think to myself, this will be the place that I will be staying during the one whole year of my matriculation program.

Edited by:Razif and Haziq

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