Requiem for a Dream.

I’m currently listening to the bgm of Requiem for a Dream. The music just gives me chills and an odd feeling. It connects and talks to me. I feel every emotion of the music. That movie really touched me, especially the old woman’s story. I can relate to her. Being by herself, watching TV the whole day and not stepping out of the house. The loneliness, the desperate need of being someone she dreamt for so long. All of it. I felt so broken after watching that movie but it also kind of awakened me. We need people in our life to stay sane and not go mad. People with whom we can share and live. Thankfully I have a person like that in my life. I sometimes can’t even believe that someone like him likes me so much. I don’t think I’m special at all, just a normal sorry not normal but just a girl. I still need to realize my potential. My family and friends tell me that I’m a talented person but I don’t know what talents I’ve got. I’m in search for them since a long time. I should better find it soon or I’m gonna be stuck in this maze forever!

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