1 from the vaults 16th november 515pm friday


it’s felt like thursday all day for some reason. must be the fact that the garbage men decided that sunday’s holiday meant that they could be a day late collecting the trash. ah well.

my legs are absolutely killing me (Note-would that they had some days. today”s not looking so damn hot either.) today. i guess i’m being paid back for those couple good days that i had a while back by having especially crappy days now. everything has a price, i suppose.

cramps in my legs. weird hair growth mostly in the form of ingrown hairs on my legs (Note-which i’d never experienced before in my life.) the muscle spasms. the twitches and i’m unable to find a cmfortable way to sit or way to hold my legs.

and now to make matters worse, karen is completely avoiding me (Note-via email and telephone both landline and cell. 1st the little sleaze isolates me, then she ignores me. that’s her all over. i can only hope that she’s no longer troubling the world now, but alas, i know that isn’t so because about ce a month, the sleazy little cow drives niiiiice and sloooow past my building, staring up at me. i always go out on the balcony and offer her a double middle fingered salute. she sees this and speeds up too.) so i can’t find out if i’m going to be able to run my damn errands. (Note- why not make other arrangements? skank had my kid and if i didn’t let her play isolate and control AND play along with her lies and she did lie to everyone we met. then i’d be refused access to my own kid. what lies? oh my personal fave was when we were at the store one afternoon and we ran into her teacher and she said ‘oh, so this must be the unfortunate older sister your mother was telling me about’ Morwena bristled and snarled <proving herself beyond a shadow of a doubt as MY flesh and blood!> ‘this is my MOTHER. that person is my gramma and she likes me to pretend i came out of her, but i don’t even look like her. i look JUST like MY REAL mother. i told you i was not lying, didn’t i? who needs to stand up in front of the class and say sorry for telling lies NOW?’ precious!)


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