Becoming a writer

Im only 14 years old and I have no idea what I want to become when im older. Ive played with ideas but at the end of each one I always ask myself, is this really what I want to do fo the rest of my life?
Recently I found that maybe there are signs I should become a writer. I have always found myself idolizing all the actors in movies who became writers and then writing for myself.
You might think this is sad, but I turned this into a possibly positive thing. I always find myself alone when I need someone. It could be from texting someone for homework help to having no one when I suddenly break down but I have always had this to turn to. Like its the only thing listening to me and it has created this home I can come to during my happiness or sadness and without judgment. This reason might be the most cliché reason ever, but I am passionate about it.
I also have this obsession, I have no idea why this is but I am obsessed with having all my words and feelings written down and documented. Maybe it is because the moments are so great that I never ever want to forget or lose them, I don’t know.
Honestly, I do not write the best. I am no wordsmith or best selling author but the passion, oh the passion.

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  1. I think that if you want to become a writer, you definitely should try and achieve it. I also love writing and documenting all my feelings and such and such . It’s relaxing.

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