He cheated. He told his friend he loved another girl I’m not saying any names, but he said he loved her and misses her and wants to be with her. I’m heart broken I don’t think she likes him but that’s not the point the point is he intentionally wanted her. Why me? Why can’t I ever be in a good relationship? I know no relationship is perfect but not everyone is a liar or a cheat or a sneak. Could it be the drugs and alcohol that’s making him like this? He was never a cheat before I know that for a fact. We were doing so well from October to May then he got into drugs and alcohol and it just kept getting worse and worse. Until now he’s not even living here, he got fired from his job, his car got taken away, and he got kicked out of the house. Now he’s cheating? Cheating isn’t always about booking up if you are saying to someone else you want to be in a relationship with a different girl and that you keep asking her if she likes him bla bla bla it’s hurts

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