Dating? Should I?

So Chris is just a really good friend of mine, he went through the worst of the worst to be able to see his son because of his ex, he had to jump through pretty big hoops to be where he is now – so he kind of understands where I’m coming from and thankfully he understands hes just a great friend who lets me vent to him when I need it 😊 but he says he wants me to hang out with him and his son and idk if it would be like a playdate or if he wants more… I’m not sure I’m ready for that – he has asked me out to a haunted house thing and idk if I should just suck it up and go or what.. Haunted house stuff scare me literally and it would honestly be a thing that I would purposely get close to the nearest guy for protection (thats how scared I get!) but idk if I want to.. Clearly Ryan has moved on with his life so why can’t I 😞 maybe I should date him – dont get me wrong Chris is a very nice and sweet guy but I’m not even sure about it ugh maybe thats why Ryan got very jealous about him… Because Chris has the potential to help me move on – but what if I ain’t ready for it or what if i dnt want to idk 😪

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