My mum is amazing but now she has major trust issues since the money has been taken. She can be quite selfish but she is still the best mum I could ever ask for. She is called Ginny and is 44 years old, her birthday is celebrated on November 3rd – which is also the date that she has a miscarriage with my sister Harmony. She works at Halfords in the warehouse on alternate shifts of either 6am til 2pm or 2pm til 10pm. She enjoys it and has recently been promoted from agency to permanent. 


My dad is called  Daniel and he is a lovely man but that is only recent as he used to be harsh. That was while they still lived together as he used to hurt us – but that is way in the past now. He lives in Cornwall, which is where I was born, with his girlfriend Naomi. She is really nice, although I have only met her once. she has two children. Dad is self-employed since he left the navy after 22 years. Now he owns a caravan and he cleans, paints, gardens etc.  He visits occasionally, including tomorrow he has decided to come up for my college interview. He is 46 and his birthday is celebrated on September 8th.


Brandon is my step-dad, he visited from Ireland about 7 years ago for a two week holiday and decided to stay. He and my mum decided to get married a couple of years ago. Brandon is a nice guy, he can be stubborn, but then he has a lot of similar traits to me. He works at another warehouse and he is on agency with shifts 2pm til 10pm five days a week. He is 34 and his birthday is celebrated on April 12th.


Abby is my older sister who is absolutely amazing and beautiful and I love her more than anything in the world; even when she annoys me. I share a room with Abby and we are really close. We used to always fight and we didn’t get on, but its only been in the last couple of years that we have been so close. She is nearly 18 as she celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of October. 


Peter is my younger brother, he plays on his Xbox and he is really clever and passes basically everything which I am completely jealous of. He is 13 and he celebrates his birthday on the 26th of November. Unlike most younger brothers, peter is actually really genuine and a really nice guy to talk to. I love him so much.

-Daisy xo

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