Hello Universe

Helllllo Universe
Well that was some way to start my blog :D
Okay so here is a few things you need to know about me..
My name is…. gonna be anonymous for now so y’all can just refer to me as That Gyal, T.G for short
My age doesn’t really matter ATM but just know i’m under 20.
I’m Irish (Hon tha Lads)
And if you haven’t guessed I’m not exactly normal.
On a serious note
I’m not your typical Gyal….
I’m not perfect….
This blog is gonna be my “safe” where I can share my feelings,thoughts and hopefully some of my deepest secrets with you guys and hopefully you’ll share yours with me.
My life has been like a rolling dice, I have no idea where its gonna land on next….

But everything happens for a reason…right?

I’m gonna leave a wacky question every time I post today’s is “Is it only me who sounds like Beyonce is the shower and screeching cats elsewhere”

Be Strong, Be yourself and Yolo

~That Gyal

One thought on “Hello Universe”

  1. @libby.grace I just realised I could’ve wrote the thanks for commenting letter here *face palm*
    Anywho Thanks again
    Make the most of life


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