here’s a thought

this journal is directed at people who are like ME. not preppy little fucking shit wits to come in here and go ‘oh i’m sooo sorry’ from your perfect little pinacle of popularity and preppyness. skank-whore back the fuck up. just because YOU sold yourself out to fashion and peer pressure does NOT mean the rest of us want to listen to it. not here. not in my comments section. not in my email. not on my youtube. that’s serious salt in the wounds bullshit. what? are you going to step down off your fucking plinth and show me how the broken dying cripple could be popular if she wanted to be with YOUR tutalige? fuck off slag. no one especially me wants to hear it.

point made? good. because i’m sick and tired and i don’t need to go having to take out the trash every time i walk in here to do an entry.



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