Home Life

Life at home is strange because everything is tense and different and has been for the last couple of months. this is since mum raised money for Macmillan by shaving her head, she did so well in raising about 800 pound but recently someone took the money and we do not know who. when mum noticed she gave the house until the end of the day to return the money. when she got home from work, half of the money had been returned. this was confirmation that the money had been stolen by someone in the house. this was a week ago now and we still haven’t got the rest of the money. mum is acting weird and because she doesn’t trust anyone, she is barely talking to us. I’m struggling with living at home because it is so stressful and most of the time, I feel like everyone is blaming me for taking the money, when I didn’t do it. as punishment, there’s no birthdays, Christmas, lifts, sleeping at peoples houses etc. so basically everything is shit.

-Daisy xo

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