I will not

Some mornings I wake up and I instantly wanna roll over and feel you there. I know you wont be but its all I want. Every gets harder. The noises from the world around. Feeling like im working  and getting no where.  Trying so hard to be everything I need to be. I can’t do it here. Here I am constantly road blocked. I cannot spread my wings. I need my family back. I need the laughter and the smiles.  The one person who has my best interest and wants to see me succeed. The one who’s kisses light me on fire and make the kids so happy.  I put my faith in god who knows what we t ruely need and want.  I sit here and stare at my beautiful daughter sleeping and cry. Tell myself this is why I nevee stop fighting and this is why we need to get our family together. To see those beautiful smiles.  To wake up everyday knowing i conquered the hardest part of my life and made it through. After that its back to having the life I intended and always wanted with my family but no matter what comes up after that nothing could bring me down again because I have the 3 people who mean everything to me. No one can always do the right thing and say the right thing. Everyone is far from perfect and just when you think your ready to give up….you pull yourself up and say no. NO. This fight has only begin. Nevee do I give up!

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