Kevin Is Not Dead

So Tuesday I called Laura around noon and she told me that Kevin had been dead since this morning. Great. I walk back to the dorm, and open the fish tank, and there, floating at the top was a fish. “Ahh shit. Goddammit Kevin.” I left him floating because we were going to have a funeral but we never did.

So Friday night came and it was raining and Noah and Jen came back with the alcohol. I ordered 151 Rum and Tequila. Laura ended up getting so fucked up and so did Sarah, but Sarah got high while Laura got completely drunk. I was drunk too, but not as much as Laura. Laura was throwing up and I think she had close to six shots of 151 rum because we did not measure it and just poured it in the glass. Then I guess she poured herself Tequila when I was not looking. Meanwhile, my drunk high was wearing off. I had to check on Sarah down the hall who complained her heart was racing. I made Sarah drink a bottle of water. I checked on her at 9:30 pm to make sure she had completed that task. Laura was throwing up the whole night, but every time she would subside I made her swallow water. Apparently, I am really bad at taking pulses so I had to keep her on her side and keep nudging her so she would not fall asleep and make sure she was responsive. When it seemed like she stopped throwing up I force-made her drink the water bottle a little bit at a time. I would ask her to open her lips and swallow, which was all she could do because she could not move part of her body. I had to keep diluting the alcohol in her system.

The next day came and I woke up at 5:30 am to email Johanna from habitat that I could not attend the service event because my roommate was very ill and I had to stay at campus and take care of her. I knew Johanna would not check her email so I decided to walk over to Konover, where we were to meet for the day. At Konover at 6:30am Johanna decided to text us all. I finally had her number so I called to her and explained that my roommate had “food poisoning” which I am sure she thought it was alcohol. She was pissed because I did not tell her “ahead of time.” I explained to her that I emailed her and walked to Konover and she said “I believe you,” in a sarcastic tone. Sleeping Beauty is a bitch at 6:30 am.

I called my mom and let her know that I now had a chance to go home for the weekend because I could get some more work done today. She seemed overjoyed, even though she sounded pissed at me earlier for the fact that I was not coming home. I did not expect the mood to change.

I did work, Laura lived and became sober. Then we decided to finally flush Kevin down the toilet.

I went home from Saturday night until Sunday night. I watched Doctor Who, took a shower, went to bed, completed a draft, and went straight to the party for Aunt Carrol and Uncle Nick. From there I went back to school and finished up final touches on my paper.

Then Laura told me it was not Kevin who died, it was her fish Kobe. Long live Kevin.

This weekend I did not get a chance to clean my room, drive my car, hang out with Juli, Emily, and Emily or hang out with Miriam. I did not get a chance to visit my Uncle Bruce. I did not get a chance to organize my life.

I cannot look at all the stuff I did not do though. I have to look at what I have accomplished, and that will help me live a better and happier life. I got to spend time with my mother and Cocoa, I got a chance to sleep in my own bed (which feels as though I am rich because of it’s size), I got a chance to attend a family party, and I got a draft done.

In order to keep my diplomatic relationships with friends though, I need to see them at least once in a while on the weekend. I need to finish work in order to do that.

Work is what is keeping my mind busy and keeping it from exploding at the moment.

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