Never give up

Some days are easier than other days. Lately I fell like just crawling back to bed and throwing the covers over my head. Life can be unfair and facing reality is far harder than just ignoring it. One thing I have been consistent with is pushing forward and making decisions no matter how tough it is. One thing about life is you can’t let your circumstances control your life. People often say to me how brave or strong I am and they don’t realize that I’m actually like an egg right now ready to break. The thing is I can’t allow myself to break, I have a child that depends on me, bills to pay and a company that expects me to perform. All of those require me to be ready and show up with my best foot forward. The one thing I have been doing is just surrounding myself with positive people and people that uplift each other. It seems to help and get my mind on the right things. Though it may seem I’m very strong it really is just my mindset of focusing on the tasks that are in front of me and me just getting up every morning, getting dressed, showing up and never giving up.

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