Online Diary?

Hi, this is my first time write a diary. I had a diary once in my primary school, but because of one terrible accident cause of my own brother I had to stop from write any diary. I still can remember clearly about that moment where my brother stole my diary and showed it to his friends at school. It was embarrassed me. Since then, my diary is nor on a book nor on online diary. Only I know where was my diary have been kept.

Online Diary? What is that? Do I have to write a diary and publish it to public? Because of my English teacher, Sir Izzehari insist and the whole class need to have an online diary, so I have created an online diary using Since I was not familiar with so-called diary, I hope I can write better in another entries about my life and my world. Bye.

Posted by Nur Adiba Fasihah

Credit to Nur Afiqah

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