Please try not to judge

I swear it doesn’t matter what I do, nothing ever seems to be good enough. I have been on leave for the last eight months roughly after having my baby and next month I go back to work. My partner is dreading the thought of having to look after our daughter and I am dreading the thought of having to leave her with him. I’m going back five nights a week five hours a night. so really it isn’t that bad, and as much as I don’t want to go I need to. But I get comments like:

I don’t want her if she is going to be like that all the time.


We are never going to see each other anymore.

Among other stupid and hurtful comments he makes. So I suggested I only work four nights but longer hours or only three days. But all I get is negative answers like

Who is going to look after the baby while I’m still at work I don’t expect mum to do it every afternoon ( even though he would be more than happy to let my mum have her while he sits on his ass at home)


No you need to be able to pay your bills I cant pay for them. ( don’t worry I use to pay his god damn bills and I wouldn’t have half the amount of the “our” loan left to pay if he actually contributed to it).

Things between us go so well and then it’s little things like this that take us right back to shit again. So no matter how I try to sort out the situation so we have time together and I work, nothing seems to be good enough 🙁

I wish I just had someone to vent to who isn’t going to judge me for the decisions I make, good or bad and someone who isn’t going to dislike him or be angry with him even more than they already are.. I have people to talk too, but I know it hurts them to see me upset.. I just want someone who will listen…


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