What a week

So this week has been interesting indeed. First off Daddy and I went to this swinger’s club where not only did I eat 2 girls out but I also met a real life Mandingo! So… I enjoyed the eating out part a lot but not so much the Mandingo. There is such a thing as too much dick And I had it that night. It was an experience though and I’m glad daddy was there watching. Daddy watching was the second best part, the best part was him saying he was proud of me. Also after talking to the one girl I decided to give in and get my nipples pierced. Daddy found a place and wlwe went on Friday. It was horrible!!! Never again!! I got my nipples done and my clit hood done. It hurt 🙁 and that mean ol daddy laughed at me. Plus it hadn’t been that great of a day with work and daddy calling me an ugly duckling and whatnot. We got that all worked out even though it still bothers me a bit. Today I got a new outfit to wear around home and some awesome new socks so all in all it was a good week.

I’m a little scared about next week since training will intensify but we shall see.

P.S. I really want to watch daddy have sex with someone, is that weird?

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