1 from the vaults 17-18th november 2007 1241am saturday/sunday


okay technically it’s the next day. today’s been a bit rough. i was meant to go run my errands (Note-and MIND you i got my foodcard refilled on the FOURTH so this means ‘sweet’ karen has been letting me fucking starve for 2 weeks. fortunately my friends weren’t having that shit and got me to the store so i could pick up a few basics to hold me over. if i’d have told HER that i wouldn’t have seen my kid for months though!) at 2 but of course karen decided that meant 345pm  so i spent quite a while waiting for her (Note-she insists on my being ABSOLUTELY ready to go as in ready to walk out the door the MOMENT she pulled up too. if i waited for even a minute i’d catch shit for months and again, she’d block me from seeing my kid.) and not getting shit done.

also what started out as a relatively good day for my legs ended up VERY bad indeed. muscle cramps and spasms andthose horrible twitches that are violent enough to throw the whole limb around like someone was yanking it on a string. the left is much worse than the right. i’d call it about an 8.85. the right is a modest 7.2 and the pills aren’t even touching it.

of course all that has my back in a knot too and to make matters worse, the fucking lawyer (Note-i have to mention my cursing here is NOT directed at him. he turned out to be very nice indeed once we clarified that vern and karen are mad as a pair of march hares and trying to game the system so i’d be forced to stay with them. sheer frustration. i curse like the progeny of a sailor and a truck driver when i’m upset or pissed off to blow off steam. if i can bellow and fume, i’m slightly less likely to deck someone. if you ever hear/see me speaking in low level tones and pointing a lot? tell whoever i’m focused on to have their insurance card handy and pray they’re faster than me) says fucking colosimo wants $750 to fill out the fucking forms he needs. nice. will karen pay for it? of fucking course not. they want me to fail.

stress like this i do NOT need.


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